Hello Last Bastion,

I am glad to announce that HogwartsRP BETA is now open to the public! We have most features done and plan to add a lot more as time goes on. If you would like to invite your friends, that would be the best way to get the server known and out there.

We are in need of staff for this launch, so if you would like to apply click here.

Remember, this server is in Beta so expect bugs and report it to us so we can fix them.




Director of HogwartsRP
Here is the list of rules that applies to this website and its forums. Please respect them.

Forums specific rules

1. Do not necro-post - Necro-posting is posting on a thread that hasn't been commented on for more than 2 weeks.

2. Don't mini-mod - Mini-modding is the act of behaving or responding in mannerisms in the ways that a staff member would. This includes acting as if you have jurisdiction to warn people for breaking the rules.

3. Don't be disrespectful to others - The forums isn't a place to argue like children with each-other. If you're debating a topic, make sure you aren't rude to other users.

4. Don't spam - This rule is self explanatory. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT SPAM IS PLEASE LOOK IT UP.

5. Don't plagiarize - Whether it's passing others ideas off as your own or copying someones application for staff, it generally will be found out.

6. Do not spread hate or slander about the community and it's members - This includes but not limited to using any methods in order to bring hate to any individual of the community, including staff members, streams, players and etc. This also includes actively supporting and helping spreading hate brought up by other community member(s).

7. Do not make threads that are sexual, religious, and political in nature or anything that does not belong on a gaming community forums. Simple, really.

8. Advertising other servers, websites, discords, teamspeaks etc - is forbidden. Tread lightly with discussion of the aforementioned. Advertisement is a slippery slope.

9. Don't threaten anyone, not even yourself - This is serious, you will be banned.

10. Don't post screamers - This is a very bad joke, and will get you banned.

11. Forging evidence can get you severely punished, not just on the forums but also on the servers.

These rules...
We are currently recruiting for the following positions:
  • Teamspeak Administrators
  • Website Administrators
  • Gamemasters
  • Media Administrators
Teamspeak Administrator - Duties include managing teamspeak server, adjusting permissions and an overhaul of the current system.

Website Administrator - Duties include posting regular content on our website and steam group. Managing ranks and posts and moderating all forums/discussion

Media Administrators - Duties will include writing stories, posting videos and information on Server Events as well as Battalion and Character highlights etc.

We are re-introducing the factions with a huge sale!

The following factions are being re-introduced:
  • Deathwatch
  • Gotal
  • Massiff
  • Draal
  • Kage
  • EG5
  • Selonian

All factions are 33% off for 1 week starting today! Take this oppurtunity to pick up your favorite faction!

Find the store here.
The following is a big update listing things we have added to the CWRP server for the players to enjoy.
  • Pilots will now be a second life. As requested blue squad is open to anyone.
  • Regimental RC's were removed
  • The following factions were added: Kage, selonian, eg5, gotal, deathwatch
  • The following battalions/squads were removed: 187th, Olympus, Null ARC, EOD
  • Ship Dealer
  • Mission mod
  • Custom level system was added. Your level is now saved per job.
  • (WIP) Achievements, Pointshop
There will be a CWRP Sale starting Monday, March 13th and ending Sunday, March 19th.

This sale will include:

Brand new packages

CWRP VIP+ Status

CWRP Tier 2 Class

And more!

The amount off on the sale will be revealed once the sale starts!

-Side note, we have added 4 new factions to the CWRP Server and donation page. The new factions are: Wookies, Trandoshans, Rodians, and Jawas.
So I wanted to pitch something to the Community and get your thoughts and ideas on the following:

In making the server more free flowing and less dependent on specific players for your enjoyment I propose the following.

Adding a permaweapon system where you purchase weapons and equipment with in game money.
These weapons would be bound to your steam account and you would have it everytime you load in.
This would remove jobs for each battalion and have just a trooper with various skins and an officer job.
There will also be an automated rank system added where you rank up according to how much experience you gain in that particular job.
Lastly I propose using the mission mod where players can complete quests to earn money and experience and therefore accelerate how fast they rank up.

*KEEP IN MIND* That you guys have the voice for the CWRP Server, what you want happens and what you say goes. This is completely up to you guys, and if it gets enough +1's then we will have it added to the server. Thoughts from Directory Trixx...
We have now added an EOD Battalion, which is open to all players. This battalion is very special because of how they actually have a custom bomb detector. This detector is able to find and even DISARM any bombs that there are.

Since we now have this new battalion,
shooting any type of bomb is now forbidden and will be considered FAILRP. If you need a bomb dealt with then call an EOD over comms to help dispose of it.
After we had some technical difficulties yesterday, we are going have redo of the Jedi PvP event to include it into our busy day of award convocations today. The events for today are going to start off as a regular event at about 7pm EST. From there we are going to go straight into the awards ceremony from the PvP event the night before.

After the normal event and awards are done we are going to have a little bit of a downtime before
we head into the Jedi PvP Event. This event is strictly going to be a tournament between only people with a Jedi class. During the course of the battles to clones will have the ability to spectate the ongoing battles. Once this Jedi PvP is over, we will move onto the last awards convocation and finish out the events for the day.

  1. Normal Event
  2. PvP Awards Convocation
  3. Jedi PvP
  4. Jedi PvP Awards Convocation

Note: The prizes for the winners will be like nothing else that has every been given away, so go hone your jedi skills
So as some of you may or may not have heard, we have a new pvp/conquest system. All throughout the map we have added in capture points that can be captured by each different team.

Every control point that each team has will give them
an EXP and money boost to all players of the team. After a point is captured it cannot be recaptured for 15min, giving you the boost for at least that long. As well as getting a boost by the capture points, you will be able to have them as a respawn point for you if you die. If and when you die, a small menu will popup and you can choose where you want to respawn out of the points your team has captured.

Once all of the points have been captured, the fighting will be kept to a minimum. If you want to be able to find out what points are captured, you can by doing !points in chat and a list will popup with the whole list of the captured points.