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1. MUST BE a breach staff member or breach member on the steamgroup.

2. NO VULGARITY IN suggestion such as sexual conotations or it will not be added and will be swiftly removed.

3. Must WRITE ALL DETAILS including lore,abilities,passives etc.

4. Don't downvote other suggestions for petty reasons.

5. Don't degrade suggestion makers.

SO you may have heard from the developer AverageDev about a contest the contest details are as follows: make a suggestion in chat with the scp that you want the devs to add
the one with the most popularity and likes +1s etc will be the winner any and all scps goes we will pick one that the devs see as possible to make and award the winner 40k points
good luck Breach players One more thing FULL scp reworks of existing ones ARE GAME so go ahead.
Due to some complications we have moved to a new discord server. To join it just click the link below.


If you are staff and need tags on the Discord server go to the #Tags area and type what you need.
Sorry for the inconvenience but we hope you will join :)

This link should be permanent but if not let me know.
To all Staff Members.
This is going to be the post where staff members are able to comment below and ask for ranks on the forums. Yes I know there are changelogs for each server but its kinda hard for me to check them everyday. With this method I am able to get the message right away and won't have people poking me everyday asking for it. To make this simple and easy if someone on the forums needs ranks you can just use the format below and post it as a comment. When I have finished doing it I will either delete it or hide it. You can also comment somebody else's rank change, if they aren't sure how to do it or if you believe it'll be easier/quicker to do so.

Format for getting Ranks :

Name on the forums :


Server :

Rank :


Name on the forums : Frank

IGN : [LB] Frankers

Server : CWRP / SCP Breach / PropHunt

Rank : User - operator / operator - Moderator etc.

Once you have commented with the format you will get your ranks as soon as possible.
For those who use TeamSpeak you might have noticed that some people have different sort of tags like the Queen tag or the Dick tag. Since we have been getting suggestions from people to add more tags, we thought of making it into like a little contest.

Tag name :
Icon :
Reason :

The top 3 comments with the most likes will win.
The winners will be announced on

4 September 2017
Approved New Unit!
In the interest of keeping things new and fresh we would like to add a new unit to the server. We've narrowed the choices down to a couple units which are listed below:

Please note that adding any of these units will change the fact that the server is only Third Systems Army and will also change the fact that Obi Wan Kenobi is in charge. It will now expand to the entire Grand army of the Republic and Yoda will be the rank in charge.

Please vote on which unit you would like to see and comment why!