Last Bastion Gaming

Last Bastion Gaming

Next week we are going to have a special PvP Event and we will be giving out prizes. This event is going to be taking place next Saturday @ 7pm EST.

There are going to be two different types of groups for the PvP, Jedi and Clones. Each group will face their own respective groups, aka Jedi will face Jedi and Clones will face Clones. This PvP is going to be in a 4v4 setup so each group will face the other group and each person will get one life.

Anyone can sign up to be on a team all you have to do is get 3 other people, clones if your a clone and jedi if your a jedi to sign up with you. Each team leader will register by making a post on either this or the steam group's thread with their team name and the members on it. The registration will be open until early Saturday morning so you have plenty of time to get a team.

If you do well within the tournament you and your team can receive special prizes ranging anywhere from Steam gifts cards to free in-game classes.

Go and make your team now so you can start training and win one of a kind prizes!
In an effort to entice new players to our growing community we will be giving away Steam gift cards to our players and staff that refer NEW players. The rules are simple all referred players must be logged in the "/rewards" system. In order to count as a NEW player a high ranking staff member will check the playtimes of all the referee's. You must ensure all NEW players that you refer achieve a rank above CT PVT. The payout breakdown is below:
  • $100 Steam gift card for referring 9 NEW players
  • $50 Steam gift card for referring 6 NEW players
  • $20 Steam gift card for referring 3 NEW players
The Fine Print
To make things fair rewards are not stackable, so only one reward per player. In other words if you refer 3 players and you get the $20 you can no longer participate. Therefore if your shooting for the $100 Gift Card wait until you have the 9 referrals then claim your prize. Offer is only valid for a limited time. To claim your prize add me on steam after having a staff member review your referrals.
There are going to be some changes regarding ranks.

This new rule is that an exam must be taken and passed during the allotted times to be able to get a promotion to the ranks of: LCPL, SFC, 2ndLT, CPT, and BCO. These exams will ONLY be given during the times set by a MCO+.

All current officers, including Commanders, must see the Grand Admiral so as to be tested and receive their commission before being promoted to their rank.

There will be a schedule posted on the steam group showing which testing will be done on each day.

Level requirements will be assigned to the ranks as follows: 5 - LCPL, 7 - SFC, 10 - 2ndLT, 12 - CPT, and 15 - BCO

If you have any questions, please contact the staff team to get them answered.
So for the first time in LB history, we are now recruiting for a Gamemaker. This position will have unprecedented respect and will have power similar to Gamemaster. This position is one that has never been filled before and a lot would be in your hands with this position. The job of Gamemaker consists of creating events for our server to run and fulfill the needs of the players. As you make these fresh and new events, you alone could help the server succeed and grow to something bigger and better.

If you want to apply for this position type up a full in-depth event and send it to From there, Church will make a decision and then potentially give your event a chance to be run. If you do get the position, be prepared to create a plethora of in-depth, varied, and fresh events for the rest of the staff team to run.
Since it is the New Year and we are feeling generous, we have decided to release a limited time coupon. By using the coupon code NEWYEAR50 you will be able to get 50% off all CWRP specific donations (not custom donations). There is a catch though, this coupon is only active until the 8th of January and it only has 50 uses to it, so use it while you can.
To help improve on the seriousness of the community and the quality of the people in charge of taking command, we have decided to institute a new rule regarding officers.
This new rule is that all officers must now receive a commision from the Grand Admiral himself.
This means you will be tested, trained and approved for promotion by your commander before being sent to the Grand Admiral to receive this said commission.
So as some of you may or may not know, we have decided to implement a whole new set of codes to make our communications flow with ease, look more professional, and improve on serious RP. These new codes are only in a first stage of testing so please leave any feedback you have about the codes and any improvements that could be made to make them more successful.

You can find the full list of codes here and yes, I know that there are a lot, so please try your best to memorize all or at least the most important ones.
So, as you guys may know, we are currently in a stage of many changes, both inside and outside of the server. These changes have brought the staff team to a crossroads on what map we should use going forward. Since we are at this crossroads, we ask you, the community, to please vote and state any and all opinions on what type of map or examples of maps that we should use.

So please, for the good of your fellow players, take the poll attached and leave any opinions that you have.
Restructured staff to 4 Branches
-Operations: Running of Ingame RP and In-game Systems(eg. TC, PC, Whitelists, etc.)
-Internal Affairs: Supervises Staff, Enforce Staff Rules, etc.
-Game Masters: Creating and Managing all to do with events
-Administration: Manages Forums, Donations, Documents, and In-Game Whitelists

-The Heads of each Branch are as follows:
  • Operations: Tau
  • Internal Affairs: Thanatos
  • Game Masters: Scytheis
  • Administrations: Barnes
In-Game Changes
-No Clone Generals
-Advisors will no longer be a Combat Role
-Expanding Jedi Generals (Will assist in leading the troops)

We Have a New Event Format!
Due to the fact that we are in the middle of a transition period, all staff interviews are being postponed until further notice. If you were invited to interviews, make sure to watch the announcements, because I will be announcing the date of the interviews here when we are ready. Thank you for your patience.