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As many of you know we have two servers that are currently being developed, Star Wars Universe and our HaloRP server. However these servers are currently low on staff and are looking for more staff members! Feel free to apply if you're interested in becoming staff for either of the two servers!

You may apply at this
link and make sure to use the template! When you're applying make sure to specify on your application which server it is that you're applying for!
This is a Guide with the rules required for Raids and Counterattakcs

1.) Gather your forces. Ensure that your forces are strong enough to attack you target

2.) Create a party using !party

3.) Make a plan and brief your squads.

4.) Make sure to /advert the raid on the location you wish to attack Ex: "/Advert Raid on Alpha outpost" You can add more to the advert if you wish for better RP.

5.) All of your men/troops that are going to attack with you must advert(/advert) attack and wait for all defenders to do "/advert defend"

6.) Attack and remember to respect NLR!

7.) When the raid is over you must make sure to advert that the raid is over. Ex:"/advert Raid Over." If you managed to take the area then you must advert "/advert (Faction) has claimed (location)" Ex:" Deathwatch has claimed Alpha Outpost"

8.)Secure your base and prepare for a possible counter attack.

A.) If you just lost a raid and a territory of yours was taken you are entitled to organize a counterattack. Therefore you must follow each step and make your counterattack worth it.

B.) Counterattacks must come only after the 30 minute cool down period

C.) If an area is taken(Ex Alpha Base) then you are only allowed to travel there if you are a part of the faction that claimed it. Ex: If deathwatch take Alpha Outpost clones cannot transport into the outpost until they take it back, but the Deathwatch members can.

D.) Raids can follow a storyline that affects RP.

E.) Factions can go to war with each other or the Republic which...
Currently we are looking for specific roles to be filled in the staff team. What we require is:
  • For people that can assists in the management of our HaloRP
  • Someone with a minimum or beginner's knowledge in lua coding for jobs, mods ect..
On your application you must indicate which of the rules you are aiming for. The interviews will be held on Sunday at 6pm EST/AST.
Tomorrow(On Firday, 5/19/16) instead of having our regular events we will be changing it up. At 8pm EST/AST we will be hosting a maze PVP event!
For the winner(s) there will be a prize! The prize will be a free class that originally would require a donation!
We've recently started to make airboat racing a thing on all Tuesdays! So just about now we're starting our airboat race on the server!