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If by chance the class that you use has a lightsaber, you are only to attack those that have lightsabers as well, not those that have blasters only like clones and droids. If by chance you have an EG-5 hunter class and there are no Jedi nearby you aren't supposed to be there!

Jedi's are also not to target enemy NPC's, unless completely needed, by that I mean that the clones 100% require your assistance or will surely die, those with blasters need to have fun as well.
All troops be advised! Naboo has now been secured, but there has been an increased amount of hostile activity on Tatooine!

Due to the rise in hostile activity on Tatooine and the few troops stationed there, all of those stationed at Bravo outpost on Naboo are to be relocated to Tatooine!
Starting today I will no longer be entertaining minor reports or comments via steam. If you have any problems or need to report something use the in game !report and a staff member will deal with your situation.

Should you require additional attention utilize the forums. If these methods have not proven useful then you can feel free to message me via steam. Any messages about problems/suggestions/comments/concerns will be ignored unless these steps have been taken.

Thanks for understanding.

We have implemented something new when it come to promotions in battalions. Those in the position are now allowed to promote their members outside of debriefs. This is a privileged that should only be granted as a reward for troopers that have been doing well in your battalion. Commanders cannot skip ranks, meaning someone cannot be a Private and you promote them to Corporal or Sergeant, you will end up being punished for this.

This is a privileged, I hope you guys do not abuse this new feature.
Our factions staff Virds/Mereel has created a document displaying all the rules and guidelines that each faction must follow or suffer punishment. It's in your best interest to be familiar with this handbook so you don't end up getting yourself in trouble with staff, you are expected to know about the handbook and what you can and can't do.