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Last Bastion Gaming

Bringing Your World Together

We have recently started a to grow the Last Bastion name into more than just a Star Wars RP server. We have started development on Halo RP as well as First Order RP. With this in mind I need capable, willing and driven staff to help moderate and keep these servers running smoothly. The following positions are most needed:
  • Public Relations
  • Gamemasters
Note that we are currently recruiting staff for all three servers, with only 1 spot available on the Star Wars RP server. Staff duties do not apply to all servers (you will be assigned to one and expected to moderate that one).

Be sure to check our Calendar for this and other event times and dates.

If you think you are up to the task fill out an application! Goodluck!

With the current Beautiful HUD not many know about this but you can access the settings to it and change it around however you wished, this post will be guiding you on how to do that.

So to start off you must hold down "C" to open up the menu displayed in the picture below.

Once you have reached the menu above you must click in the bottom right corner, there is a somewhat hard to spot orange cog. The picture of it shall be shown below.

After clicking on the orange cog you know have access to the setting panel which will be shown below.

Enjoy customizing your BHUD!
We have updated the rules of the server, especially when it comes to rules and factions.


The situation is worsening and the Factions have become more aggressive in our area! We must maintain order in the Republic! In order to do this we have established outposts on Tatooine, Kashyyyk and Naboo. Read below to find out where you are posted!

TATOOINE (Alpha Outpost): 212th, Clonetroopers
NABOO (Bravo Outpost): Havoc, Doom and Galactic Marines
KASHYYYK (Charlie Outpost): 327th, Wolfpack, 501st, Green Company
VENATOR (HQ): Fleet, Pilots, Spec Ops, Delta, Omega, ARC, Null ARC, ARF

The purpose of the Republic occupation on these planets are to MAINTAIN THE PEACE. Excessive force will not be used unless provoked.

Currently there are three large factions operating in the system:

Shadow Collective, Hutt Cartel, CIS and the VIP(Neutral)

These Factions have been known to have conflict with each other and Republic Intervention will come upon request from the Faction heads and on a case-by-case basis.

Speak to your Commanders for further clarification!

If you have a recomendation that isn't on the poll, please post below so we may have your input and recomendations for the game mode of our second server! Your opinions on the gamemode of our second server is quite important to us so please reply or vote!