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Staff Interviews will be held today at 6pm PST!
Staff interviews will be held tomorrow 24/4/16 At 6 o'clock PST which means 9 o clock eastern/Atlantic time so please go check your staff applications and if you were invited be in church's office waiting room at 6PST no later.
-fixed bugs in ship dealer
-removed tusken raiders
-added and removed maps
-fixed comms (/c or /comms to utilize)
-added names showing up in radio (/channel # to set channel and /radio to talk in radio)
[When using radio chat only those tuned in to your channel will see the text.]
We have migrated to a new whitelist system. To make this simple we have reset all the ranks. This means you will need to be re-whitelisted. DO NOT PANIC.
-added logging system that shows everything from damage logs to what a player picks up
-removed medic classes for each regiment
-fixed group chat. Press U to talk to those only in your regiment/faction regardless of map position
-created door groups. Factions can now conveniently secure their bases easily
-updated rules
-removed motd opening upon login