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Last Bastion Gaming

Bringing Your World Together

To all players,

Let me first thank you all for choosing Last Bastion and for being loyal. We have hit a record of 75 and are constantly growing.

With growth however, comes change. It was my goal when starting this server to provide as unique an experience as possible and an immerse environment. For the most part this has been met. We have introduced many factions over the last week as well as a few other handy toys.

Let me say that it is our aim to encourage things like trade, debate, sensible raids and other situations to encourage fair and fun role play for all. We are aware that there are some who will take advantage of this and make it bad for others. To that I say please, utilize the forums and lodge a formal report on any player who has treated you unfairly or broke your immersion. I would like to see all factions interacting with each other, clones included. Take some time and study the interactions during the movies and shows.

Help us to make the community the best by playing sensible, playing fair, and reporting anything against the rules. Respect each other. I would like to see more serious RPers on and encouraging those around you to do so.

I look forward to a long future with LB!

-Added Tusken Raider class
-Removed Marshal Commander class
-Added Clone Trooper Sergeant and Lieutenant
-Added Training/Tryouts area to map
-Bunks decorated
The situation with Marshal Commander is worrying and definitely needs to be addressed. The staff team has met and come up with a possible solution:

The rank of Marshal Commander will become a designation. i.e A commander being promoted to MC will stay in charge of his regiment (e.g Marshal Commander Gree). He will be in charge of a number of battalions ranging from 4-6. The idea is not our own but rather the occurrence in lore. With this format, we will have roughly 3-4 Marshal Commanders who will be closely monitored by the High General.

This will hopefully spread the load of being marshal commander and encourage more serious RP. Please vote below on whether you would like to keep the current format or change to the new one.
The office is OPEN.

I make content. With nearly 10,000 hours in GMod, I know a thing or two.

I cobbled together the current main map (RP_SWGalaxy_LB) and have also worked on some other odds and ends for the server.

If you like what I do, donate to the group and they'll divvy out what they feel my work deserves.

Leave requests here.

Current list of released Star Wars mods:
HVAP Star Wars Vehicles
Secret Sith Palpatine
LB Star Wars Weapon Holsters
-Removed Keeli Squad
-Removed 187th
-Added Spec Ops
-Deathwatch are no longer hitmen
-Update to Content Pack #1