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Last Bastion Gaming

Bringing Your World Together

The office is OPEN.

I make content. With nearly 10,000 hours in GMod, I know a thing or two.

I cobbled together the current main map (RP_SWGalaxy_LB) and have also worked on some other odds and ends for the server.

If you like what I do, donate to the group and they'll divvy out what they feel my work deserves.

Leave requests here.

Current list of released Star Wars mods:
HVAP Star Wars Vehicles
Secret Sith Palpatine
LB Star Wars Weapon Holsters
-Removed Keeli Squad
-Removed 187th
-Added Spec Ops
-Deathwatch are no longer hitmen
-Update to Content Pack #1

New Mod posted by our Dev!

Heres a Link to his Workshop
Let's welcome Vex, Prime and Metro to the staff team!
Welcome to our updated website! We hope you can enjoy the new, modern design!