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HaloRP is coming back, and we're looking for staff! If you are interested in applying, please post an application in the GMod staff application section, and please specify that you are applying for HaloRP. Anyone that is chosen will be contacted for an interview when the server is nearly ready to go up.
All staff members! From now on if you spawn in anything during events, weapons, vehicles, ANYTHING, without the Gamemaster's permission, you will be punished. First offense is a verbal warning, any after will result in a strike. Three strikes will result in either a demotion or removal from staff, or two strikes if you are a superadmin. Same goes for if you are RPing and you are either godded, or you give yourself weapons you aren't suppose to have. I will be cracking down on this.
Wookies! You are now no longer just wookies, You are now a mercenary and you are assigned to the 41st and you will take orders under Commander Gree.
So I know that most people do not like training CRs even if they are TC. Training CRs is a necessity for the server to keep going but recently there have not been enough people training. To help combat this laziness we have decided to add a reward system for training.

How It Works:
It is very easy, all the tc has to do is type !tc in chat, from there the tc will select who he just trained and the trainee will confirm this.

Once it is all confirmed, you (the tc) will get 1000xp, all free of charge.

PS. If you are caught abusing this new system you will not have a good time :)

Thanks for your cooperation and happy training!

With this new addon every player has a chance to have a mini droid of your choice to follow you!

Rule 1. MUST have them holstered while indoors.
Rule 2. MUST have them holstered while on the ship.
Rule 3. DO not use them to purposefully minge

Misuse of these droids will result in seizure of product without refund.

Enjoy the new droids!.
I would like to see your thoughts about LB having a Minecraft server. There will also be a poll asking if you guys would like this to happen as well! IF for some reason you do not want this to happen please try and reply with a reason why it shouldn't happen. That is all I have to say, but I will be watching the thread waiting for the feedback

Thank you for taking the time to respond and read this, I really appreciate it.

I am gonna answer some questions that might be asked so here they are.

Q:What Version will this be?
A:I am planning on having protocol support (players with 1.8 will be able to join 1.9 and 1.10 servers..)

Q:Will this be like CWRP or Jedi vs Sith ?

A:This will be discussed later on but I was planning on sticking to make like a vanilla(Spigot/Bukkit) server at first (To see how it runs). We will have the basics Factions, Survival, Skyblock and a few custom modes made by me.

Q:What theme will this be?

A:Well since its mostly about star wars and stuff I was planning on keeping a star wars theme. But then maybe a medieval theme will fit aswell ill probably have you guys vote on that.
Once again we find ourselves in need of Gamemasters. So if you feel that you could create fun, engaging events, apply for gamemaster today!
All LB Players we are now finally going to be switching to our new map!, But this will put the server down for maintenance AFTER the event hopefully all of you will love our new map!.
Everyone who has applied for staff or is thinking about applying for staff, please do not poke me in TS or PM me in the server asking about the status of your application or interview. For one, it is annoying, especially when you keep bringing it up. Two, deciding who should and should not be staff is not taken lightly and deliberation is required, which sometimes takes time. I do not want to hastily accept someone and then later regret it. It looks bad on me for accepting you, and it looks bad on you for applying, being accepted, then being removed. You will be told once you have a confirmed answer whether or not you have made it into staff. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Also, from now on if I am poked on TS or PM'd in game about the status of a staff application or interview, I will ignore it. Be aware of that please.
I know that it has been awhile since the last staff announcement but here we go.

New Staff Manager:

  • Thanatos
New Mods:
  • Juan
  • Assassin
  • SlendGeek
  • Hunter
  • SnipingTurd
New Developers:
  • Tides
  • Tac
  • WolfKnight
Thank you all who filled out staff apps and went to interviews, you all did very well and we hope that you don't give up on being staff.