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Hawk's Beginning

CT Pilot 76-7578 was cloned and raised like every other clone pilot. He was deployed with Blue Squadron, a fighter escort Squadron that flew Z-95 Headhunters, during the first battle of Geonosis. During the battle CT Pilot 76-7576 earned the nickname Hawk for his quick reflexes and sharp eyesight. He also earned the rank of Pilot Officer. Unfortunately, to the newly nicknamed Hawk's disappointment, during the battle Blue Squadron lost, Blue Squadron Leader Winger, Blue 2, 3, 5 and 8. After the battle Hawk was appointed the new leader of Blue Squadron. This left Hawk under a lot of emotional stress as many of his brothers that he was raised and trained along side of, were now gone.

Blue Squadron, the rise and fall

However, Hawk did what any good trooper would do. He went on to lead Blue Squadron on countless missions. That is until, the Battle of Sarrish. The Battle of Sarrish was one of the Galactic Republic's most devastating defeats. During the Battle all of Blue Squadron were shot down, however only Blue Ace Squadron Leader Hawk survived and made it back to the Republic's FOB in time to be evac'd.

Gold Squadron & Present Time

After the now Squadronless Hawk had recovered he reformed Blue Squadron into the Elite Fighter Escort Squadron, Gold Squadron. Gold Squadron went on to fly 200 more highly successful missions. Several high ranking naval officers took notice of Hawk's talents, his ability to come up with an attack strategy mid-mission and adjust and execute it to perfection with minimal casualties and...
Have you ever wanted to display to the whole community the RP story of your Trooper or Jedi?
Well we are happy to present the new RP Story Forum!
There you can tell the community of the training, battles, and triumphs of your character!

Once a week, the story of one clone trooper or Jedi will be put on the front page for the whole community to see!
Hello! If you have donated for a Jedi job, main character or regular Jedi, comment your:
Steam ID
Last time you were on the server
In-game time spent in current job (rough estimate is fine)

Add the following information based on your rank.

  • if you're assigned to a knight or not. If so, who?
  • If you're assigned to a Padawan to train. If so, who?
  • If you're assigned to a Master. If so, who?
  • If you have joined a Jedi branch. If so, which?
  • If you're assigned to a Knight or Padawan to train. If so, who?
  • If you have joined a Jedi branch. If so, which?
  • If you're a Master, fill in the information for your RP rank.
  • If you're a Knight, fill in the information for your RP rank.
  • If you're assigned to a battalion. If so, which?
  • Fill in the information for your RP rank.
  • You are to be assigned to your lore regiment.
  • 41st Elite Corps added
  • Added a new donator job, RC Wrecker.
The Republic has been exposed to a deadly virus! Because of this new threat, Republic Command has supplied us with Hazmat masks, and a temporary treatment for the virus.
If you believe you have been infected, IMMEDIATELY find a medic or a fleet member, who have been charged with distributing the new supplies.

!ufilter = Changes filter of gas mask
!dgasmask = Drops gas mask
!dfilter = Drops filter
The LB staff team is holding staff interviews!
If you think you have what it takes to become an LB staff member, write a staff application and submit it to our "Apply Here" forum.
If your staff application is accepted, you may attend the interviews.
If your application has previously been accepted, but you were not chosen to become staff or you could not attend the interviews, you may attend this one!
We wish you all the best of luck!
Location: LB Teamspeak channel, Church's Office Waiting Room
Date: Wednesday, August 31st, 2016
Time: 6:00 PM EST
General Grievous is the cyborg Supreme Commander of the CIS Droid Army. He was an ingenious military leader who's prowess and ruthlessness nearly won him the Clone Wars, and was trained extensively in lightsaber combat by his master, but he was defeated by Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi in 19 BBY on Utapau.
Before he received his cybernetic enhancements, Grievous was a Warlord on the planet Kalee known as Qymaen jai Sheelal. He fought in the war between his people, the Kaleesh and the Yam'rii, an insect species from the planet Huk who invaded Kalee and attempted to enslave its people, mastering the art of battle. He killed so many of the Yam'rii that he held a demigod-like status among his people. It was during this battle that he met the female Kaleesh swordmaster, Ronderu lij Kummar. Sheelal and Kummar grew extremely close before her death at the hands of the Yam'rii. Consumed with grief and anger, Sheelal cast off his old identity and took the name Grievous, to symbolize his eternal grief, and used his newfound rage to viciously fight the Yam'ii. He drove them from Kalee and burned many Yam'ii colonies to the ground and conquered their homeworld of Huk. The Yam'ii requested Republic aid, and the Republic sent Jedi Knights to force the Kaleesh back to their war-torn world to starve, with a hefty amount of war reparations. This is where Grievous's hatred for the Republic and the Jedi began.
Use this opportunity to become a Jedi and wield the force to defeat the CIS forces!
The CWRP server will be entering a maintenance period by 11:00 PM EST on Tuesday August 16th, as a result of a map change. Players MUST leave staff members alone and let them build, and any major interuptions to building will result in a temporary ban for the night.
As a long time player of this server, I feel that the not so recent map change has caused this server to decrease in players and RP. What I am talking about of course is the original map with alpha bravo and charlie bases. these places provided a job like aspect and made this server different then others. I do not know why they switched the map, but switching the map back to this place would be a lot better. Death watch could be available again along with rodians or even transdoshians! Changing the map back would result in better RP and even better mini event along with Guarding and not sitting around waiting for an event to happen. Switching it back will benefit us all