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I am the Chief Technology Officer for Last Bastion!
I am the head developer for Last Bastion if you need me you may talk to me on the LB teamspeak or message me on my steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/laundrysaucev2
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These rules...
The Minecraft server is ready (kinda)!
Well this should be pretty self explanatory. The Server is kinda ready.. There will be 2 stages before the full release.

1. Alpha:
basically to find bugs so I can fix them and throughout the duration of alpha I will be adding things. there will also be alot of server restarts. the alpha stage will also give me time to code and finish all the new features that will be implemented.

Duration: 3 months or more.

Things that will be added throughout the alpha stage:

1. A Faction Core.
2. Classes.
2. Mini Raids.
3. Factions Economy System.
4. Quests: 2 types of quests will be added. Faction Leader Bounty Quest. and Destroy The Core Quest. The quests will be explained when added.

There will be a few more but they are not important atm. Everything will be explained when they are added.

2. Beta:

The beta will also be for fixing bugs and cleaning up but not only that the beta will have a bunch more features added throughout aswell. now I will list a few of the features since listing all will be too much.

Duration: half a year (6 months) if not more.

Things that will be added throughout the beta stage:...
I would like to see your thoughts about LB having a Minecraft server. There will also be a poll asking if you guys would like this to happen as well! IF for some reason you do not want this to happen please try and reply with a reason why it shouldn't happen. That is all I have to say, but I will be watching the thread waiting for the feedback

Thank you for taking the time to respond and read this, I really appreciate it.

I am gonna answer some questions that might be asked so here they are.

Q:What Version will this be?
A:I am planning on having protocol support (players with 1.8 will be able to join 1.9 and 1.10 servers..)

Q:Will this be like CWRP or Jedi vs Sith ?

A:This will be discussed later on but I was planning on sticking to make like a vanilla(Spigot/Bukkit) server at first (To see how it runs). We will have the basics Factions, Survival, Skyblock and a few custom modes made by me.

Q:What theme will this be?

A:Well since its mostly about star wars and stuff I was planning on keeping a star wars theme. But then maybe a medieval theme will fit aswell ill probably have you guys vote on that.