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  1. Explosive Snowball
    Explosive Snowball
    Live your own dream or you will be living someone else's -Snow
    1. Explosive Snowball
      Explosive Snowball
      Totally not plagiarized.
      Nov 22, 2017 at 6:59 AM
  2. [LB] Snyper Eyes
    [LB] Snyper Eyes
    "Where there is love there is life." - Mahatma Gandhi
  3. 2jb3pEnz
    I am secretly 9 years old. Fooled you all haha
  4. [LB]JosephMeowlin
    I was secretly 12 years old I lied to you all
  5. [LB] Snyper Eyes
    [LB] Snyper Eyes
    "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt
  6. AndreyyScuck
  7. [LB] Snyper Eyes
    [LB] Snyper Eyes
    "We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them." - Khalil Gibran
  8. Fipid
    Shibebox is gay and a homo he should not have become staff
  9. RadReed
    You're kinda late by a few hours...
  10. Santiago
    He is NOT to be trusted. Any amount of power given to him, even assistant would ensure chaos.
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  11. Santiago
    I know I should be gone by now, but I linger, and this I'll say. NEVER put Intell or whoever he'll change his name to next in staff.
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    2. [LB] Snyper Eyes
      [LB] Snyper Eyes
      Is he the one who tried to blackmail you? oO
      Nov 20, 2017 at 12:25 PM
    3. Santiago
      yes, and he keeps changing his name to apply for staff.
      Nov 20, 2017 at 2:41 PM
    4. [LB] Snyper Eyes
      [LB] Snyper Eyes
      ahhhhh, yeah I still have that picture saved lmao... but I havent seen much change :P
      Nov 21, 2017 at 1:35 AM
  12. [LB] Snyper Eyes
    [LB] Snyper Eyes
    "Wise sayings often fall on barren ground, but a kind word is never thrown away." - Arthur Helps
  13. RadReed
  14. [LB] Snyper Eyes
    [LB] Snyper Eyes
    "If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.". - Emily Dickinson
  15. RadReed
  16. Intell
    Alright. Im going to try to apply for staff.... Again. Hopefully you guys will accept me. I've changed!
    1. 2jb3pEnz
      Good luck!
      Nov 17, 2017 at 11:00 PM
  17. RadReed
  18. [LB] Snyper Eyes
    [LB] Snyper Eyes
    "The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction." - William Blake
  19. RadReed
  20. Ikea Sama
    Ikea Sama
    Wee Woo... What is this?