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    Green's LOA

    Need to take an loa from July 2nd to July 8tht. Here is my notice. The reason is I'm going on a vacation with my dad.
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    Accepted Staff Application For Dragonsniper100

    +1 Always on the server.
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    Pending Green's staff application

    In-Game Name: TC Null 5 SGT Prudii Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:60256836 Age (must be at least 16) : 16 Server you are applying for: Last Bastion Gaming Clone Wars Conquest Hours Played on Server (must be at least 1 week): I would say 300+ hours on the old CWRP server. Since the server has changed a...
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    Accepted Daniel's staff application.

    In Game Name: Daniel (I'm a Jedi Padawan at the moment) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:60256836 Age (must be at least 16) : I know you are supposed to be 16 but I'm 15 and the first day of February I will be 16, so if you please would have the consideration to give my application a shot I would really...