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About Us

Ripper - Owner / Founder

Age: 27 Location: Florida, USA

Ripper founded Last Bastion Gaming in 2010. It started as a Teamspeak community centered around League of Legends. Since then LB has grown exponentially into the Network it is today. Ripper is the silent partner in daily operations and manages all technical, back end aspects of server development. Very friendly and will never say no.

Favorite Games:
League of Legends, CSGO
Quote: Beep-Boop

Church - Chief Executive Officer

Age: 22 Location: Trinidad and Tobago

Church brought Last Bastion Gaming to GMOD with its CWRP server and has been the mastermind behind its growth. Since then he has expanded the community to various different servers even outside of GMOD and increased the population from 10 to over 100 people. He is the face of LB and manages the logistics of day to day operations. Very firm and is the definition of 'tough love'.

Favorite Games:
League of Legends, Heroes and Generals
Quote: Demoted.

Tides - Chief Tech Officer

Age: 18 Location: Florida, USA

Tides is one of the many hardworking staff members who keeping the wheels of LB turning. He is a coder of many languages and is always there when things get sticky. Tides is director of LB's Minecraft server and hates when people join his channel, but is able to be friendly if you get to know him.

Favorite Games:
CSGO, Minecraft
Quote: Life's a bitch if its easy your doing it wrong.