501st Commander Appo?

Who should be the Commander of the 501st on the server?

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So, I was wondering how come rex is the 501st Commander, because Ashoka Tano was the Commander, and after she left the battalion got an actual clone commander named Appo, and this is in BOTH canon and legends, so I ask again, why is rex the Commander of the 501st on the server?
At this time Ashoka is still on the server (me) I feel like Appo should be Co and we can just make it to where he was Co before Ashoka leaves this will be the least lore altering path.
Back in the servers early days we did have Commander Appo as the 501st commander. Why we changed it however is lost on me
Appo just wore regular 501st trooper armor. And EVERYTHING in lore, both canon and legends, does not show ANY evidence of Rex EVER coming close to being commander of the 501st. Appo led the assault on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant alongside the newly deemed Darth Vader. (Anakin) Proof enough? Appo just wore regular CT armor with the 501st appearance to make it hard for the enemy to distinguish the 501st's commander compared to a regular trooper. So you kind of do have an Appo model, you just don't know it. lol


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Captain Rex was the clone trooper in charge of torrent company of the 501st Legion during the clone wars. Appo was appointed commander of 501st at the very end of the clone wars when Rex went mia.

This is the reason we have Rex and not Appo.


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OK but still rex was never a commander idk I guess he is the closest to it before appo
He might of never achieved the rank of commander, mainly because of his lack of concern over his rank, but was effectively in command of the 501st. Appo was a SGT in the 501st up until right before Order 66.