Denied Admin Abuse.

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Your ingame name: 123

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:18345863

Name of the staff member you are filing a complaint against: IrishPride

How has the staff member abused their administrative powers?: Made like 6 people SCP - 682 teleported people two rounds and killed us.

When did this incident occur: Yesterday at 21:30 02-9-2017

Describe the events that led up to this situation: It was annoying that he teleported us for two rounds and respawned people into SCP - 682

Were there any staff members online at the time of this incident?: I didn't check for any admin.

Any screenshots/relevant logs/information that will help us deal with this situation:

Any other comments you could give us regarding the situation:
The staff member evan did a vote for a retard round so I respawned the current scps as 682 and brought all outside. I also changed their scales and respawned evan as abel later in the round.
Players and admins may do votes to do custom rounds to attract more players or to yes "spice" things up a little. It is NOT admin abuse if they go with the majority of a vote.
Not open for further replies.