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Should we do the Layers instead of changing maps all the time?

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This suggestion is something that a lot of people might agree on, a couple of the players on the CW RP server have said yes. So my suggestion is that instead of the current map we are on, can do the layers. This layered map is 1 map many layers too it.. You would have to teleport to them instead of changing maps. The layers I know it has are, geonosis, hoth, kashyyyk, naboo, tatooine, a venator, and kamino. Those are the ones I know of, but I am not 100% positive.


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I say change it back to something like with what we had back in May with the Star Wars Universe map with teleporters and stuff.


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I loved playing on the layers map when we used it, but the server crashed CONSTANTLY on that map. Around 3-4 times a day