Changing the promotion system


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I feel like the level system should be used mostly for the RPG addon and less for the ranks. I feel like there are people who would be a good SGT or higher, but can't because their level is holding them back. So rather than levels being the deciding factor in whether or not someone gets promoted, the deciding factor should be ability, with the level helping to decide but without the decision hinging on it. Just a thought. Also, maybe make it so Commanders can promote their troops up to SGT independently, but then to promote a particular troop any higher they need to first go to Priest or someone of equivalent rank and neutrality. Basically, someone with more authority than a CO and isn't tied down to a specific regiment.
I think for elite battalions that it should stay as a requirement but i think you shouldn't have to. Eva lvl to be permomoted because I'm a lvl 25 at 60% and have been decently active since I got it set to 25 it takes to long according to this it would take like 3 weeks to be promoted above captian


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It should take months to get from PVT to COL. The one thing PLAYERS get on the server for is to rank up. If you are able to attain COL within a week then why get on the server after that?


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^^ I think a lot of the commanders are just afraid if they don't promote their troops every single day, the troops will leave the battalion. So we have officers+ who haven't been on the server more than two weeks. It took me 4 months to go from PVT TO COL. Commanders just need to accept that some people aren't into RP and will leave the battalion because they aren't getting promoted every day, and those people especially are the ones we don't want leading the troops.