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=================A tier guns=================
Colt .45: The astounding Colt is easily the best gun in Breach. Although rare, you can find it in the LCZ armory and Generator Room. This gun has 7 ammo slots +1, and you can get pistol ammo on the LCZ armory, and also buy it from the vending machine. The Colt has a high fire rate and deals 40 damage per shot, which means it has more DPS than Abel's Katana. Overall good gun, and if used properly can take many lives. One example is in assault, where I got a Colt as NTF and mowed down 4 CI soldiers(rest in peace Kenny).

P90: If you look at it in an unskilled way, the P90 and every other assault rifle/gun that shoots fast on this list is the same. However the P90 when used properly can be very good in both short and long ranged combat, as evidenced by it's real life use in the USA Secret Service. In game, the P90 is used best if you aim. The spread is decent but it mostly hits where your red dot is. Do not keep the trigger pressed, unless you are in a situation where spread won't be an issue(SCP-682). If you fire in short bursts, you can get the most DPS and accuracy.

KRISS Vector: I don't think this gun gets nearly enough recognition as it deserves. Most people think it is bad due to the spread, however you can switch to 3-round-burst by pressing E+R if you don't know how to burst shoot without assistance. This gun is mainly good for short range combat but where it really shines is when you press "C". When you do, you can see two options: Match Ammunition and Magnum Ammunition. Match Ammunition is optimal for longer range combat against human targets, since it has less recoil and less spread. Magnum Ammunition is reccomended for killing SCPs and using in a breach due to it dealing 10% more damage than regular ammunition, however it has more spread and recoil.

=================B tier guns=================
CheyTac2000(sniper rifle): "Fuck you Clef, the sniper rifle is shit". Go ahead and say that, but this guide isn't for overall. I was debating putting this on C tier but due to my recent experiences with the sniper rifle I will definitely keep it at B tier. The sniper really shines if you're NTF or MTF at long range combat, and inside the facility it can be pretty useful if you don't spawn with it. It spawns mostly in the 939 basement, and I almost always go down there as Class D. The sniper's best feature in my opinion is the wide range of damage, you can get a 1 shot or 3 shot kill depending on your luck and where you shoot. Headshots deal 95 damage, I think. Suitzoom can also be used to hit someone with the butt of the sniper, and I've killed my fair share of researchers with that. Once, I had the sniper as D after going to the basement, then I shot and killed 3 researchers with it, and then killed 2 more with the suitzoom hits, then also killed an MTF guard who was shooting me with the same melee sniper. Again, the gun itself is useful if you know how to use it, or useless if you're not very good at aiming.

M4: Not much to say about this one. Good gun in any range, nice amount of ammo capacity, you spawn with it as commander, NTF and CI.

AK: It's meh at best. I considered giving it a C, but I don't have much experience with this one in general to give it a solid classification, so if anyone's up for the task.

=================C tier guns=================
Scorpion: This weapon is the worst there is. The sniper rifle at least can be used as a melee weapon, and the other rifles carry a good amount of ammo. But this? You shoot 20 bullets at a time and it deals very low damage. Only really use this if you're 035, even then I suggest replacing it with a P90.
Hey, I'm learning coding in lua with Tsujimoto today(he's teaching me). I'll make some SWEPs for SCPs I feel are unbalanced/weak. Just letting you guys know in advance what I plan on having them do:

SCP-173: You can use your special whenever instead of when someone blinks
SCP-106: Your special teleports you near a random player in the humans team, which is the reverse of the PD goo, it shows up then you emerge from it.
SCP-966: No longer is your attack an AoE, you now deal 5 damage per attack which has a 1 second cooldown. You have a special attack which is an AoE that deals 5 damage to anyone close by, makes them unable to walk, and blurs your screen as much as drinking "Bleach" in the coffee machine does.
SCP-457: You have the passive fire which damages people slowly, but the more you burn people the more damage your fire does. Fireproof vests still are immune to your fire damage.
SCP-999: Your special stuns people as well as healing them.
SCP-1048-B: You deal 56 damage per hit, which is a 2 hit kill in most cases. Speed buffed, health nerfed to 1500. You gain a special attack that makes you invisible for 5 seconds, but makes you as fast as a walking person.

None of these might be added, I'm just working on them for practice and some of these might not even be possible. I'm mostly setting this as challenges for myself, but if ripper shows interest I'll definitely let him use them. Also, Tsujimoto is a good coding teacher.
With 457 I'd much rather have the fireproof vests become fire resistant vests, so they take less damage from 457 than players who don't have said fire resistant vest
How do i fix the map differs error?
i don't even know where the file is i'm like >:/ .-. ._. that's how frustrating it is to find.

"Your map [maps/gm_site19.bsp] differs from the server's"
i don't know where the .bsp file is in the folder for garrysmod


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Garry's Mod Staff
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C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\download\maps

Delete everything in this folder (note that you'll be re-downloading every map for any other servers you play when you go to play them)

I'd also recommend subscribing to the SCP: Breach content pack.