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I thought I would be really cool if we created a branch of clone engineers, which would, to put simply, have the ability to do limited building. Clone engineers would be in charge of building on the base, and in case of an attack, would set up defenses, such as barricades.

Because seeing someone walking around with a physgun would ruin the RP, I believe we should use this:
Which replaces the model for a physgun with just an arm.

The ranks for clone engineers should be:
Head Engineer (Equal to Commander)
Supervisor Engineer (Equal to COL)
Senior Engineer (Equal to LCO)
Specialist Engineer (Equal to CPT)
Engineer (Equal to 2nd LT)
Technician (Equal to SGT)
Builder (Equal to SPC)
Cadet Builder (Equal to PVT)

The model for this job should be the clone engineer model:
(I believe it is already on the server in another pack)

The job of the clone engineers would be to RP maintain different equipments, repair ships, and do any building required around the base (must still call admin to be permapropped. During an attack, they will set up defenses to protect the soldiers. During events, Clone Engineers will set up and maintain a FOB, equipped with a mobile Comms tower that will felicitate Comms communication throughout the event. So, say if the FOB is attacked and the Comms tower is damaged, it will be adverted and everyone will go radio silent until it can be fixed.

Obviously, this job requires a lot of responsibility, giving people the ability to spawn and use props, so to join the potential engineer should have to fill out an application on the forums.

Clone engineers should be given a two strike system. If they accidentally misuse their powers, they will receive a strike. They do it again, and they are removed from the Clone Engineers. They can also be subject to warns/kicks/bans based on their misuse of their equipment. If someone purposefully misuses their perms, they will be immediately removed from the clone engineers. (Abuse is defined as Prop blocking, Prop killing, prop climbing, prop spam, physgun spam, building without a CO+ permission.)

Tell me what you think! I know it's a long shot, but I believe this will be a cool way to enhance the RP.
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+1 I actually really like the idea. Having basically mobile base builders could come in handy if there is no good spot for an FOB around as we could build our own.