Clone Wars RP Rules

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1. Have fun!

2. Obey Commanding Officers. They are assigned to guide you.

3. No RDM/Minging.

4. No Racism/Sexism.

5. Do not fake ranks. Your rank is recorded and monitored.

6. Do not abuse equipment. This will result in seizure of equipment indefinitely/permanently.

7. No chat/mic spam.

8. No prop spam.

9. Don't ask for tryouts or events.

10. No metagaming.

11. There is no off-time. Ever.

12. Do not disrespect other players.

13. No cursing in OOC/Advert. Refrain from doing it in LOOC/Yell or Local Chat as it is in poor taste.

15. No random suicide.

16. Staff decision is final. Appeal on the forums.

17. No griefing.

18. You are not to switch classes in front of other players. Should you need to switch, go to bunks or an empty room and switch.

19. Sergeant+ MUST train.

20. Trainers are to be respectful, tolerant and understanding when training recruits. Failure to follow this rule will result in stripping of your army/fleet/jedi rank.

21. Do not mention Order 66 or Discuss any Star Wars Movie in OOC, Advert, Comms, Voice Chat or yell.

22. Respect 'No Weapon' areas. Failure to do so will result in warn/kick/ban/demotion.

23. There will be no advertising/publicly bashing other servers or communities.


25. Switching of Bodygroups should be treated the same as switching jobs

26. No XP Farming

Failure to follow any of the above mentioned rules will result in punishment. Ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse for breaking them. By playing on Last Bastion Gaming Servers you agree to abide by these rules.
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