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Clone Wars Staff Roster

Discussion in 'Server Information' started by General Hotshot, Jul 8, 2017.

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  1. General Hotshot Head Admin

    General Hotshot
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    Apr 14, 2017
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    Clone Wars Staff Roster

    [DEV] Content Developer - Develops content for the server.
    [SE] Staff Evaluator - Evaluates effectiveness of the junior staff members. [Senior Admin+][1]
    [GM] Senior Gamemaster - Plans and executes events. [Senior Admin+][0]
    [GM]Gamemaster - Plans and executes events. [Admin+][2]
    [ME] Mentor - Recruits and trains new staff. [Admin+][0]
    [IN] Instructor - Ensures all recruits and all units are actively training. [Senior Mod+][2]
    [QA] Quality Assurance - Manages all complaints, suggestions and appeals. [Moderator+][2]
    [JO] Jedi Order - Manages all affairs of the Jedi. [Moderator+][2]
    [SIM] Simulation - Coordinates simulations, citadels and mini events [Moderator+][3]
    [RP] Roleplay - Holds a roleplay intensive role such as Commanding Officer of high rank. [4]

    Staff members may not hold more than 2 duties at once.
    Superadmin+ will not count towards rank limits and will be assigned to duties as needed.
    Duties may be added/removed as time goes on based on necessity and relevance.

    Shots [Steam]

    Head Admin


    Super Admin

    [SE][ME] Moon [Steam]
    Night_Croft [Steam]
    Riny Rick [Steam]


    Senior Admin

    Bellamy [Steam]
    [ Dev ] Arsenic [ Steam ]
    [SE]Tyler [Steam]


    Reacher [Steam]
    [GM][JO] Gibbs [Steam]
    [GM] Catholic [Steam]
    [GM] Grif [Steam]


    Senior Moderator

    [RP] Rex [Steam]
    [IN] Pancake [Steam]
    Knox [Steam]
    [QA] Ty [Steam]
    [JO] Braedon [Steam]
    [SIM] Thorn [Steam]




    Bunny - added to [RP] (26/08/17 )
    Crossbones - added to [RP] (26/08/17 )
    Reacher - added to [IN] (26/08/17 )
    Slimey - Resigned (26/08/17 )
    Can - Removed - Inactivity (25/08/17, Hotshot)

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