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    (Section A)

    General rules are in effect at all times during your time on the server​

    1. The staff has the final say in all situations. Do not argue with them. If you feel wronged in any way by a staff member, file a staff report on the forums.

    2. Use !report to receive assistance from a staff member or make a player report on the forums. Do not submit false or spam reports or you will be warned. Do not use @ chat to report players.

    3. No one is to be harassed in our community under any circumstances.

    4. You are responsible for your account no matter who uses it or who tells you how to use it. If your friend, family member, or even a person who stole your account do anything malicious while using your account YOU are held accountable.

    5. Do not set your name and/or job to anything obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit or crude. You also may not impersonate ANY user current or otherwise.

    6. Do not use cheats or third party programs.

    7. You may not use an alternate account to avoid a ban. This will-will result in your ban being extended. The alt account will also be banned.

    8. Do not disrespect other players out of character or in-character using out of character information.

    9. We do not tolerate racist or homophobic remarks and is bannable on a second offense.

    10. Do not spam voice communications. (Certain exceptions made for Hobo classes.)

    11. Do not spam the camera swep.

    12. Do not break rules to enforce rules. You will be held accountable for your actions.

    13. Do not leave the server to avoid being stolen from, avoid punishment, or return the property that has already been stolen from you. Do not disconnect from the server during an ongoing raid on your base until the raid is finished.

    14. All default laws are in effect with or without a mayor

    15. Do not raid bait or bait out any other PVP confrontations. This will be regarded as Fail RP and if any deaths occur because of this scenario you will receive another warning for random Deathmatch. Raid Baiting includes using chat as well as placing provoking text screens on your base encouraging players to raid you.

    16. You may not kill players for disrespect.

    17. If you are resisting arrest you may be killed at the discretion of the CP. For more information, see the "General Government Rules" section.

    18. The roads may NEVER be built on by any class excluding CP with checkpoints and minor buildings from hobo classes. Read job specific rules to find out more.

    19. You may not make drugs or use counterfeiting machines in public. You must make/use them in a base)

    20. Do not spam knocking sounds with your keys.

    21. Disabling and shooting cameras/scanners without a valid RP reason is not allowed.

    22. Hiding valuables outside the map is a bannable offense.

    23. You may not sell in-game money for real life currency or Steam items.

    24. Scamming a player will result in a ban.

    ( Section B )

    Chats covered in this is OOC (/a) advert (/ad) and admin (@)​

    1. Do not spam any form of chat.

    2. Only use adverts to advertise (Selling of goods and services). Do not use OOC chat for anything that should be adverted, do not use advert chat for anything that should be in OOC chat.

    3. Do not swear excessively or use any type of offensive slurs.

    4. Do not use crude or sexually explicit language.

    5. Advertising illegal activities EXCLUDING MUGGINGS AND KIDNAPPINGS gives the CP and SWAT permission to issue a warrant/want for your arrest.

    6. You must use /advert to indicated the start of a mugging or a kidnapping. YOU CANNOT BE WANTED FOR MAKING THESE ADVERTS. Ex: "/advert MUGGING! Drop 5k now or you will pay in blood!" "/advert KIDNAPPING! You are bound and gagged! Come with me!"

    7. You must notify the staff of your raid attempt by using "@" chat. If you are raiding a government building, you must specify which building you are raiding. Ex: "@ RAID STARTED!" "@ BANK RAID STARTED!" If there is no staff online at the moment when you are about to raid you must call it in an advert. Ex: "/ad Raid Started!" You must use "@" chat to end your raid.

    8. You must advertise the usage of any lethal grenades. Ex: "/advert GRENADE OUT!"

    9. You may advert “Not a threat” if you are in harm's way in a raid. You may only call this in your own base. If you call "not a threat" you are no longer any part of the raid, interfering with the raid in any way is FailRP.


    (Section C)

    Covers all building related rules​

    I. Building Rules

    1. Do not trap other players in bases, or prop builds.

    2. Do not use props to hold entities out of reach of players.

    3. Do not build any obscene or inappropriate structures.

    4. Do not build in public unless your job's rules allow it.

    5. Do not build anything that is not accessible by a natural path (no player-made catwalks on walls, etc).

    6. You may not build any false entrances into your base.

    7. Do not block off entire areas with props. If your job allows you to build in public, do not obstruct frequently accessed areas

    8. Raiders must have enough space for two players to move and raise their weapons. Your base should not force raiders into any awkward situations to be able to break in. That means no crouch tunnels or props for players to jump over. You may never build a meat tunnel. A meat tunnel is defined as a long and narrow tunnel in which a player cannot turn 360 degrees without lowering his weapon, and, a tunnel in which only one person can fit at a time.

    9. You may not stack props inside each other in a way that makes them not able to move.

    10. You must never prop block any of your bases entrances. If you use props on an entrance, they MUST be a fading door. They must also be spaced far enough away from the world door that two players will be able to fit inside the gap. This allows the players to attack both doors before one closes on them.

    11. You may put up a building sign to avoid being raided while building. However, you must not have any valuables in your base at that time or you will be warned/banned by a staff member.

    12. You may put up a sign that says RP Base, having an RP Base means that you do not have valuables and your base is only intended to be made for RP ONLY. Raiders will not raid your base if it has this sign.

    13. You are allowed kill slots in your base. Kill slot gaps must have at least a size of 2x2 cube stacked vertically and to open the slot you must use a toggled button.

    14. Any tunnel that you have in your base may only have two direct turns in order to reach the exit. You may not build a maze. You may not have disorientating/flashing/water properties on any part of your base. (Aside from Entity holders)

    15. The wireframe material may only be used for windows or fading doors.

    16. A player may build a second floor for aesthetic value. Valuables may be stored there, however, the second floor may not be used for PVP in any way.

    II. Keypad & Button Rules

    1. All keypads must have a hold length of at least 5 seconds.

    2. Buttons and keypads should be on or very near the fading door or window. random or duplicate buttons or keypads are not allowed. One button to one fading window or door.

    3. Do not abuse fading doors during a raid with a button or by using the key assigned to the fading door.

    4. Your buttons for kill slots MUST be in toggle mode.

    5. Your buttons and keypads must be fully accessible.
    III. Fading Door Rules

    1. Fading Door Limits
    • Maximum 5 fading doors per base

    • Maximum 2 per room or world door into the base
    1. Fading Door Windows do not count towards these counts.

    2. Do not place two fading doors back to back; they must be at least two player's width apart. This means two players must be able to turn 360 degrees without their guns lowering.

    3. Do not place a fading door right on either side of a “real world door”. There must be at least a two-person size box around the door.

    4. Elevator entrances are considered "real world doors". There must be at least a two-person size box around the door.

    5. Fading doors MUST be a different color/material than the remainder of your props and must be clearly visible.

    6. You may not hide fading windows behind opaque props

    7. You may not disguise fading windows with other see through props
    IV. "World Door" Rules

    1. The player who owns the front door to a base owns the entire base.

    2. You must sell the doors to a building if you are not using it.

    3. Do not repeatedly open and close a door to block a player from accessing it.

    4. You may only own doors to one building at a time.(unless your job allows it). When claiming an entire area as a mob boss, or group leader may own all world doors in the claimed area.

    5. You may sell ownership of a building if you plan to log out. You may not, however, run around pretending to be a retail tycoon and buy up all the bases and sell them off to the highest bidder.
    V. Camera Rules

    1. Do not use cameras to see into other players' bases.

    2. Do not block cameras with props or entities.

    3. Cameras must be on the walls of your base in an accessible way.

    4. Cameras must be clearly visible to a raider and must be able to be shot. (damaged)

    5. Raiders cannot use cameras to assist them in a raid.

    VI. Text Screen and Loitering Rules

    1. Do not place text screens on or in other people's bases without permission.

    2. Remove any text screens you are no longer using.

    3. Kill On Sight (KOS) signs are only allowed within the confines of your base. Your KOS sign may only apply to players that enter the confines of your world base.

    4. Your KOS sign may not have ridiculous restrictions or limitations. (KOS for government only is not considered ridiculous)

    5. You are allowed a Loitering Sign. The sign must say “Loitering for 15+ seconds is KOS” and/or along those lines.

    VII. Prop Properties (Visibility, Collision, Materialization, etc)

    1. Do not use or create invisible props.

    2. You may not use no-collided props unless used for an AFK Box. AFK Boxes are small player sized no collided props used to prevent pickpocketing in bases while AFK. you may only use AFK boxes to AFK in.

    3. All one-way props are banned from any use.

    4. You may not use Prop Properties to prop minge. (Using any of the properties such as “Super Bouncy” and “Metal Bouncy”, etc to unfreeze and create floating/flying props.)

    5. You may not use Solid Dark colors on props.


    (Section D)

    Covers all in-game events

    I. Grouping & Basing Rules

    1. To group/base, all players must be in a party together. You may have multiple parties per base. You can create a party by typing “!party”. The party names should be similar.

    2. Members of the Government may only group or base with other members of the Government. Members of the Government may only base at government buildings. They may not own their own property.

    3. Criminals may only base with other criminal classes. Guards, medics and other hireable if hired are excluded from this rule.

    4. You may defend members of your gang/party from attacks and pickpockets.

    5. You may kill trespassers as long if they know they are not welcome. Either build a KOS sign or tell them to leave.

    6. You may not base on top of a naturally inaccessible area.

    7. Members of the Government may not work with criminal classes. However, they may hire (if corrupt) bodyguards and hitmen to assist them with their work.

    8. you cannot connect two bases together (mob boss excluded). The buildings connected must be next to each other. You may not connect buildings a street apart. You may not connect them by building on the street. (Mob Bosses included)

    9. Gangs may not base with opposing gangs. (Syndicate may not base with Mafia).

    10. Illegal valuables clearly visible from outside the base is considered raid bait and is warnable.

    11. If you do not wish to use a loitering sign you may also warn the loitering players in or very near your base to leave with an advert warning and give them a 15+ seconds chance before they are KOS.
    II. Raiding Rules

    1. If you leave the raid area you must call raid over in /ad your raid is over

    2. If you are defending your base in a raid you may not defend your base from outside of the raid area.You may not use lethal grenades while defending.

    3. While raiding you may not kill anyone outside the base unless in self-defense.

    4. Players who advert not a threat may not be killed in a raid unless they interfere with the raid.

    5. Building must be halted if you are being raided.

    6. Before raiding, you must notify staff in @ chat that you are raiding. You are not obligated to mention where you are raiding unless it is a government building. If there is no staff on you MUST use /ad to call a raid.

    7. You may not raid someone with a building sign or an RP base sign.

    8. You may not build inside your base while you are being raided.

    9. You do not have to be in the same party to raid a base.

    10. Your raid must only last 10 minutes.

    11. You must wait 15 minutes before raiding the same base. You must wait 3 minutes before raiding any other base.

    12. You may Counter Raid, While counter-raiding you must actively participate in the raid, meaning you must fight into the base and continue fighting. You may not counter raid to just kill the enemy raiders, you must finish the raid and actively continue fighting. Counter raids follow the same rules as regular raids do. You may not Counter Raid Government buildings.

    13. Government classes are the only class exempt from the 3-minute timer, however, the 15-minute timer stays in place.

    14. Government classes may break NLR only during raids on Government buildings.

    15. You cannot call "Raid Over" inside a building, you must make an attempt to escape.

    16. When you call "Raid Start," you must call it from outside the base (This includes the Bank and the PD) You cannot wait inside the Armory for 3 people to become CP classes.

    III. Mugging Rules

    1. When mugging, you must advert the mug.

    2. You may not mug Hobos, CP, SWAT (SWAT CC’s), or the Mayor's Guard.

    3. You may not mug in public areas that are frequented by other players. You must mug in a secluded area like alleyways. If there are people around the area you may not mug if you do it will be considered Fail RP.

    4. You are allowed to mug players for a maximum of $7000

    5. You may only mug players for money. You may not tell them to drop items.

    6. You must be clear on who you are mugging, and give the player time to realize they are being mugged.

    7. When mugging you must make your demands clear, in you /ad statement

    8. When mugging, you must give players 15 seconds to comply with your terms. You may kill them if they fail to pay within this time frame. The timer starts from your /ad in chat.

    9. You may not disallow players to look around while mugging them.

    10. You may only mug one person at a time.

    11. If you mug with a group, only one player may demand payment.

    12. You may not kill a player if they pay the amount you are demanding.

    13. You, or your group, may only mug the same person once every 10 minutes.

    14. You may resist a mugging if you are currently holding a weapon. If you are not, you may only resist using a pistol.

    15. You may not mug a mayor in grace.

    IV. Kidnapping Rules

    1. You are allowed to (illegally) kidnap a player, forcing them to comply with your (non-ridiculous) rules and follow you to your base.

    2. You may only kidnap one player at a time. (No matter how many people you have) This does not mean that you can't have multiple people kidnapped in your base, but that you can only bring one person back at a time!

    3. You may hold a player hostage and charge a ransom for their release, or (illegally) auction them off to other players. You may be wanted for using /advert to auction a player.You may also execute the hostage if no one is willing to buy the kidnapped player after 5 minutes.

    4. You may not force a player to RDM or FailRP or break any General rules.

    5. you may resist a kidnapping if you have 100hp. Kidnappers may damage players at the start of a kidnap they may not instantly kill the victim.

    6. You must advert kidnap, and have a gun out.

    7. You may only kidnap for a maximum of 10 minutes.

    8. You may not kidnap an AFK player.

    9. You have to wait 30 minutes before re-kidnapping a player you previously kidnapped. Even if you die, you still must wait 30 minutes.

    10. If you have acquired a gun you may kill your kidnapper(s) and call for help.

    11. You may kill your attacks if you already have a gun out, or a pistol if you don’t have one out.

    12. You may not pickpocket your victim.

    13. You may kill a kidnapped player if they don't follow your orders. [Go to FeaRP Rules]

    14. After kidnapping someone you or your party may not kill them for any KOS Signs, you may, however, kill them if they prompt you by disrespecting in character, ignore your non-ridiculous orders, attempt to escape, or 5 minutes after making an attempt to sell your victim no one wants to purchase them.

    15. You may not kidnap with witnesses present, You may kidnap in public if the area is secluded.

    16. You may not kidnap a mayor in grace.

    V. Pickpocketing Rules

    1. You may NOT pickpocket hobos.

    2. You may not pickpocket AFK players.

    3. You may not pickpocket at spawn.

    4. You or your group may not attack or kill a player you or your group recently attempted to pickpocket, even if you are attacked in retaliation. Party members are not allowed to defend you from these retaliation attacks. This is an act of stealth, if you are caught, your only option is to run.

    5. You may not set a hit one someone for retaliating to a pickpocket.
    VI. Placing Hits Rules

    1. You must have a real RP reason to place a hit on someone. If you are caught placing hits on people for things they did not do the person who placed the hit will be punished. Ex: "I want this player dead, he stole from me!" "I don't like the mayor and his frequent lockdowns!"

    2. You must wait 3 minutes between accepting hits and 20 minutes between hits on the same player.

    3. You may not place hits on players who killed you in a past life.

    4. You may not trade hits with other hitmen. This includes one-way trades where only one hitman receives a trade from another. All Hitmen and similar jobs are included in this rule.

    5. You may not ask other players to place a hit on an individual or any group of people.
    VII. "Wanted" Rules

    1. You must have a valid reason to issue or accept a search warrant or a warrant for a player's arrest.

    2. When a player's "wanted" expires, you may not "re-want" them. However, if the player is seen doing an illegal activity again, you may re-want them.

    3. You may not kill a player who has broken the law unless they are an immediate threat to others' lives. E.g. shooting at anyone.

    4. If you are wanted, you may not kill government jobs on sight unless they are an immediate threat to you. (Trying to arrest/kill you.)

    5. If you or a member of your group are wanted, you may kill players who try to arrest you or that group mate (having handcuffs out does not count. They must be actively trying to arrest you or your group mate).

    6. If you are resisting arrest you may be killed at the discretion of the CP.
    VIII. PD & Bank Vault Rules

    1. Do not leave the doors to the PD or the jail cells open. (unless the cop is corrupt)

    2. Only Government jobs may build in the PD.

    3. When leading a PD/Bank raid, you must specify which you are raiding in @ or /ad chat.

    4. You cannot raid the PD unless there are 3 CP/SWAT.

    5. Cops may return to a Bank/PD Raid and disregard NLR.

    6. No one can build within the bank vault and/or armory vault.

    7. By default, the lobby of the PD is public. Going beyond the stairs, and through any doors inside the lobby of the PD is AOS by default. The mayor may make a law that makes the PD 100% private, in which case the lobby becomes AOS.

    IX. War Rules

    1. Gang Leaders may declare war on the opposing gang or the government. If the opposing team's leader accepts, or if the mayor accepts, war is initiated.

    2. Leaders are the varying mob boss or the mayor or cp chief if a mayor is not currently elected.

    3. During a war, members of each team may kill the other on sight.

    4. No spawn camping.

    5. The war will last 10 minutes, or until one of the leaders has died. At that point, the war is over and you must wait 30 minutes before initiating another war.

    6. You may raid buildings to get to the leaders but you must still follow raiding rules.

    7. Only Gang Members/Leaders and the Government may participate in wars.
    X. Car Rules

    1. You may only pick cars up with the Phys gun if it is stuck.

    2. Flinging Cars around randomly is not allowed

    3. Players may alt+e on the roofs of cars

    XI.Carjacking rules

    1. You may only carjack every 5 minutes.

    2. You Must advert a carjack

    3. Once you have carjacked (and escaped) you must then advert who the owner of the car is. This must be completed within 2 minutes of your carjack. (you can include car ransom demands)

    4. If you are caught carjacking you may not fight back, you have to run away. (similar to pickpocket rules)

    5. You cannot respawn/store your car for 20 minutes if it has been carjacked. (from the carjackers first advert)

    6. You may not carjack a party member's car.

    7. Only specific jobs can carjack (check job specific rules)

    8. You may not carjack a party member's car.

    9. You may NOT carjack in the car parking lot spawning area.


    (Section E)

    Breaking any of these rules classifies as breaking its parent rule in Section A.

    I. Death Match

    1. You must have a valid RP reason for attacking or killing someone.

    2. You may defend yourself or your group if you or your group are being attacked or stolen from.

    3. You or your group may kill players who refuse to leave you or your group alone after being warned three times to go away. The warns must be separated by at least 5 seconds These warnings must use /advert so there is a record of the warnings.

    4. You or your group may not kill players even if they threaten you or your group's lives. You and your group must wait before they attack you or your group before defending your group or yourself. This does not apply to a criminal raid, or if a firearm is pulled out during a police chase.

    5. You must give the Mayor a 10 minute grace period before killing them after they are elected.

    6. As the mayor, you cannot kill players within the 10 minute grace period unless you broadcast that your grace is over

    7. You may only kill the Mayor as a Criminal job or if you are working for a criminal

    8. You must have a valid RP reason to kill or place a hit on the Mayor.

    9. If you are resisting arrest you may be killed at the discretion of CP.

    10. Holding a weapon out does not count as a valid reason to KOS a player unless the player is attacking you.

    11. You must give an advert warning to a player that has smoked/flashed you. If the player continues to spam the grenades, you may either report them or, if there are currently not staff on, kill them.

    12. Climb SWEPing a player is considered assault. (and is an arrestable offense)

    13. As a Taxi Drive, you must make an attempt to stop for a pedestrian crossing the street.
    II. New Life Rule

    1. When you die, you instantly forget every player-related event that happened before your death.

    2. You may not use information from your past life in your new life, excluding where your base is and keypad combinations.

    3. You may not return to your area of death for 3 minutes. (even if the timer at the bottom of the screen disappears early, the NLR timer is still in effect.)

    4. If you are killed during a raid, you may not return to the raid till NLR Timer is up and the raid is over.

    5. CP, Swat, Swat CC’s, Mayor’s Bodyguard may break NLR during PD and Bank Raids ONLY.
    III. Metagaming

    1. You are not permitted to use information from OOC (out of character) while roleplaying. This includes OOC chat and any other means of receiving information other than through role playing. The sounds money printers make are excluded from this rule.

    2. You do not know a player's job based on their character model, excluding Hobos and Government jobs.

    3. You do not know a Hitman has accepted hit on a player, based upon the text above their head.

    4. As a Government job, you do not understand the slang for selling illegal entities or activities. Ex: You will not understand that "a pizza" is a hit.

    5. You may not use the information from a warrant that pops up on your screen as an indication of corruption. Only the mayor can use this information as an indication of corruption.

    6. It is metagaming to use the kill log in the top right of your screen to know who killed someone.
    IV. Demotions

    1. Do not demote people randomly or for false reasons.

    2. You are allowed to demote for two reasons: for rule breaking in the absence of staff and for roleplay reasons (e.g., a corrupt CP).

    3. Do not demote other players for breaking rules while a staff member is online. Talk to staff first! (You will be warned)

    4. Do not immediately demote someone for breaking rules. Consider the circumstances beforehand and make 100% sure they are breaking rules.

    V. Prop Minging

    1. Do not block or trap players with props or entities.

    2. Do not grab/throw props or entities and sling them around randomly.

    3. Do not throw players around on props. Do not fly players around. Do not hoverboard players.

    4. Using precision alignment tool to create teleporters or to gain access to areas that you wouldn't normally be able to access is a bannable offense
    VI. Self-Supply

    1. Do not change your job solely to supply you or your group with something from that job.

    2. Do not drop any items exclusive to a job.

    3. You may only Self Supply when there are no merchants online.
    VII. Fail RP

    1. You are not allowed to engage in role-playing that the staff deems inappropriate to the roleplay the server is hosting. You may not roleplay as or engage in a roleplay of something obscene or otherwise inappropriate. (This includes sexual acts and offensive acts ie: 9/11, Holocaust, Direct Nazi roleplaying)

    2. Do not randomly or excessively assault or insult other players.

    3. You may not perform tasks your job was not designed to do.

    4. You must perform your job's duties.

    5. You may not betray your group. Government jobs are excluded from this rule when regarding Corruption.

    6. Do not tell or ask other players to raid your own base.

    7. When being attacked, mugged or kidnapped, you may not pursue your attacker. CP/SWAT/Mayor's Bodyguard is excluded from this rule.

    8. You may not use or carry any weapons that are otherwise inaccessible by your job (medkits as a citizen, etc). Includes cc weapons.

    9. You must have a valid RP reason to use your weapons.

    10. You may not make drugs or use counterfeiting machines in public.
    VIII. Fear RP

    1. When your character's life is threatened, your character should act scared.

    2. If you are being held at gunpoint, you may not pull out a weapon larger than a handgun.

    3. You may attempt to run away if you are at 100+ health.

    4. If you already have a large weapon out, you are allowed to use it in self-defense.
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