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    Here is the list of rules that applies to this website and its forums. Please respect them.

    Forums specific rules

    1. Do not necro-post - Necro-posting is posting on a thread that hasn't been commented on for more than 2 weeks.

    2. Don't mini-mod - Mini-modding is the act of behaving or responding in mannerisms in the ways that a staff member would. This includes acting as if you have jurisdiction to warn people for breaking the rules.

    3. Don't be disrespectful to others - The forums isn't a place to argue like children with each-other. If you're debating a topic, make sure you aren't rude to other users.

    4. Don't spam - This rule is self explanatory. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT SPAM IS PLEASE LOOK IT UP.

    5. Don't plagiarize - Whether it's passing others ideas off as your own or copying someones application for staff, it generally will be found out.

    6. Do not spread hate or slander about the community and it's members - This includes but not limited to using any methods in order to bring hate to any individual of the community, including staff members, streams, players and etc. This also includes actively supporting and helping spreading hate brought up by other community member(s).

    7. Do not make threads that are sexual, religious, and political in nature or anything that does not belong on a gaming community forums. Simple, really.

    8. Advertising other servers, websites, discords, teamspeaks etc - is forbidden. Tread lightly with discussion of the aforementioned. Advertisement is a slippery slope.

    9. Don't threaten anyone, not even yourself - This is serious, you will be banned.

    10. Don't post screamers - This is a very bad joke, and will get you banned.

    11. Forging evidence can get you severely punished, not just on the forums but also on the servers.

    These rules can be changed at any time to the administrators discretion.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Tides, Apr 3, 2017.