Gamemaker Position


Staff member
SCP Staff
So for the first time in LB history, we are now recruiting for a Gamemaker. This position will have unprecedented respect and will have power similar to Gamemaster. This position is one that has never been filled before and a lot would be in your hands with this position. The job of Gamemaker consists of creating events for our server to run and fulfill the needs of the players. As you make these fresh and new events, you alone could help the server succeed and grow to something bigger and better.

If you want to apply for this position type up a full in-depth event and send it to From there, Church will make a decision and then potentially give your event a chance to be run. If you do get the position, be prepared to create a plethora of in-depth, varied, and fresh events for the rest of the staff team to run.
So is the difference that you dont have to participate in the event because the staff handle it or are you just a game master with a different title?
(in depth) event making
unprecedented respect
help server grow

make events
certain respect
help server grow
So now gamemasters dont have to make events now is that the only difference?