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Reminder: Your jedi life is a second life

The Jedi Order is a very large peacekeeping organization who united in their observance of the Force, more specifically the light side. A noble order of protectors were noted for their lightsabers and the ability to tap into the Force. Jedi only served as guardians of the peace and justice in the Galactic Republic for over a thousand generations. Jedi do not harm any innocent beings. The Jedi are constantly at war with the Dark Side of the Force and the Sith who channel it.


As a Jedi, you will only be promoted if you are able to master the ways of the force at the various levels. Moving up in the Jedi ranks requires dedication, patience and discipline.

Grand Master
Current Grand Master(s) - Yoda
Grand Master was the oldest and wisest member of the Jedi Order. It also led the Order’s High Council. You are in charge of Jedi and the High Council to make sure it’s functioning well.

Master - General/High General
Current Master(s) - Cyrell (Healer)
Jedi Masters had mastery over the force and are in control of their ability. As a Master you are adept in lightsaber combat and force abilities. Jedi Masters are proficient in lightsaber handling, piloting and most importantly commanding troops. You will be assigned to a Jedi Knight as your trainee.

Knight - General
Current Knight(s) - Bunny (Shadow), Code (Sentinel)
Jedi Knights are Padawans who have completed the first stage of their training. Knights form the body of the Order and have shown that they comprehend the Force and its teachings. Jedi Knights are allowed to choose a role and are assigned to a Padawan to train.

Padawan - Commander
Current Padawan(s) - N/A
A Jedi Padawan has just passed his trial and is on his way to becoming a Jedi Master. As a padawan you will be trained in lightsaber combat, use of the force and commanding troops.


The group Consular sought diplomatic measures in spreading peace and harmony across the Galactic Republic. Counsulars would simply knock on a door instead of picking the lock or smashing it down. Refraining from drawing their lightsabers except as a measure of last resort. Consulars spent most time studying the mysteries of the Force. (Wielded green lightsabers)

Sentinel possessed considerable combat skills and had somewhat extensive knowledge of the Force. Sentinels would instead use equipment available or simply pick the lock. They also trained in non-Force skills, such fields of security, computers, stealth techniques, demolitions, repair or medicine. (Wielded yellow lightsabers)

Guardians’ skills and talents lay in battle, a light side mirror of the Sith Warrior. Guardians will smash down a door instead of picking the lock or knocking. Concentrating on martial training and combat, Guardians engaged in combat more than either of the other classes of Jedi. (Wielded blue lightsabers)

Shadow (Class)
Jedi Shadow was a Jedi Sentinel who had pursued a unique focus of training. Working directly under the Council of First Knowledge, shadows were sent to destroy anything and everything connected with the Sith and their followers. (Dual wielded a purple and yellow lightsaber)

Healer (Class)
Jedi Healer was a specialized field of study within the ranks of the Jedi Order. Your duties were to heal the injured while in and out of battle. You used special crystals to amplify their abilities, the most treasured stones were guarded at the Temple, known as the Healing Crystals of Fire. (Wielded a white lightsaber)


  • Jedi will abide by all server rules at all times. As a Jedi you are an example to the other players.
  • Be respectful to all players
  • Follow your superiors
  • No force jumping unless in combat or training
  • No force jumping across maps
  • Do not jump ahead of the group under any circumstances
  • Jedi are to follow the Jedi Code at all times. This means you must adhere to every aspect of the Jedi code as long as you are in your Jedi job.
  • Never switch to your Jedi life to avoid punishment or tasks. This will result in punishment to both lives.
  • Jedi will only ignite their lightsaber if they are in battle or are about to fight. This includes igniting saber for the purpose of holding it out. If you would like to hold your saber you must go to an empty area and ignite your saber.
  • Jedi must attend Trainer Certification, Pilot Certification, Hostage Negotiation. This is non-negotiable.
  • Jedi must attend Jedi Training to hone their skills in the force at regular intervals.
  • Jedi will never be hostile both in or out of character. This is in breach of the Jedi Code.
  • Jedi will always go after other lightsaber wielders over npcs.
  • No metagaming.


There is no emotion, there is peace.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

There is no passion, there is serenity.

There is no chaos, there is harmony.

There is no death, there is the Force.



Day 1:
Jedi should spend no less than 5 minutes per round for a minimum of 3 rounds either sparring or observing sparring. This time should be used to master stances and the various aspects of lightsaber combat.
NOTE: Jedi should not die while training. This will be considered FAILRP.

Day 2:
Jedi should spend time training with clone units in the citadel or simulation room. Focus should be put on how jedi position themselves. Jedi should be just in front of the front line of troopers and focus on shielding and redirecting fire.
NOTE: Jedi should not jump far ahead of the troopers or into the middle of the NPCS but act complimentary to the troopers' movement.

Day 3:
Jedi should spend no less than 30 minutes in piloting training with Delta-7 Starfighters and LAATs.

Day 4:
Jedi should spend no less than 30 minutes in passive RP training. Focus should be put on meditating to solve problems in RP (eg. meditating to try to move an obstacle), hostage negotiation, bomb defusal and fleet rp.

Day 5:
Jedi should spend no less than 30 minutes in command training. Focus should be put on leading troopers and all necessary theory.
NOTE: This may require the help/presence of a clone commander.

Day 6:

Jedi should spend no less than 30 minutes in lore training. Focus should be put on the origins of the order and clone wars specific lore.
NOTE: No discussions should include events post clone wars era. This can result in demotion or loss of your class.
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