kyle's gamemaster app

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In Game Name: 187th M LCPL 2121 Kyle

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:98910072

Age (must be at least 16) : 16

Server you are applying for: clone wars

Hours Played on Server (must be at least 1 week): i have been playing since it came out

Have you ever been kicked/warned/banned? If yes, explain in detail: no, i have not been kicked or banned

Do you have any experience being staff on GMOD?: yes, i have a lot of experience

Do you have experience with ULX/LUA?: yes i have experience with ulx

What can you bring to the Staff team?: more help and a great person. devoted time,

How often can you be online?: all the time, when ever i can


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Absolutely not. I have seen you many times today and everytime I have you have shown me that you are exactly the type of person that we do not want on this staff team. Denied.
I'm not sure how their could be ANY confusion in what Thanatos said.
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