[LB] Community Interview - Riddick

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    Interviewer - Scytheis

    Interview subject - Riddick

    What was your first experience with Gmod?
    “My cousin came over when I was 6, or seven? I don’t know. I was like, wow this is cool! Then we made a jeep out of jello and I was like, OK, I’m doing this. The thing was I would get into it for like, a year.”

    Why did you want to play star wars RP?
    “My first experience was making a ragdoll into a playermodel, the first time I played was boring, not fun. In july 2017, my first real server was in HK where my sole intention was to get mace windu and get banned for RDM. Then I actually cared and became a LT for the medical core, then I became coleman trebor.”

    How did you find LB?
    “I made the bacta injector and church was like, hey, fix it for my server, so to remedy that I made some change to the code and fixed it. After that, church asked me if I knew someone who could do models, I never did anything advanced like swapping, and I wanted some cash. So I took it, and little did I know, I knew nothing about modeling, so I learned, and then I learned how to do lua and more coding, I’m also I good mapper, oh yeah, I also took over LB after that.”

    What’s the best experience you had as CWRP Director?
    “Ya know what, It was during the order 66 event, that was a good time… everyone was happy, we had record breaking numbers, we switched clones to galactic marines to kill khi adi mundi. About 70 clones were marines, a bunch of clones are fighting with the jedi, they ended up beating the CIS, and I put on my best palpatine voice, and then man. Watching those clones after I gave the order, every stopped charging, everyone was quiet, and I told them, execute order 66, and you just see millions of bullets from rotary blaster. I saw the jedi rush the clones from the other side of the bridge with their fancy animations, and I saw clones get slashes, jedi get bombarded by bullets and it was the first time I thought a garrysmod moment could belong in a game cinematic, or hell, even a movie.”

    Who were your favorite people on CWRP?
    “I hate them all go away, in reality I liked the old HK gang, scythe, squirrel, donovan, maybe hunna if he stopped talking, if you’re recording this, hunna you’re a sponge, but I love you, (no I don’t)”

    What’s the best part about Imperial RP?
    “There’s just so much to like about it, there's a couple things to answer with, but in short, it's something that hasn’t been explored, we’ve explored very little of the storm trooper perspective, it’s my passion project, my interpretation of how stormtroopers should live. We’ve seen how clones live, but all we’ve seen from stormtroopers are luke cutting off stormtroopers legs and Han pretending to be a stormtrooper, It’s unexplored territory.”

    What’s the best advice you can give to someone starting their own server?
    “Step off, join my staff team, unless you want a real answer, in which, STEP OFF, JOIN MY STAFF TEAM!!!! Unless I mean, I guess you need to start your player base, you start as your own baseline player base then your staff team become the player base, that's expected. The real answer is….. Step off join my staff team!”

    What would you say to the whole LB community if you could?
    “I don’t know, there's a lot of people, prophunt, TTT, breach, thats a lot of people to talk to, I guess thanks? You could have chosen any other server, but you’re still with us, (wink)”

    If you could be any creature in any universe what would you be and why?
    “Hmm, you know what, I'm just gonna go with snorlax, because there are no problems with snorlax, you just lay down block the way and take a nap, that's easy, plus no one would eat a snorlax, they’re all fat, and no one likes fat ya know. Unless you live where it's cold, then you might wanna stay away from people”
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    no mention of darkrp? wow rood.

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    It's ok Taykitty, scythe is BAD at taking DICTATIONS.
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    this is hotttttt
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    riddick remember your promise that you're gonna come back and do Order 66 again this december without the mass PK part