Denied [LB] Dr. Gears' Assistant Application

Ingame name: [LB] Dr. Gears

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:9762431

Age (must be at least 15 unless mature enough for the position): 15, trying to be more mature every day, I'm currently working on how toxic I'd get.

Total playtime on the server (must be at least 2 days): 5 days, 12 hours and 33 minutes at the time of writing this.

Have you ever been kicked/warned/banned? If yes, explain in detail: I was warned for push RDM but the person was trying to push all of us into the tesla gate, So I pushed him, and yes, I understand that isn't okay, and I swear I won't push rdm or break the rules again.

Do you have any experience being staff on Garry's Mod? If yes, state what server/position(s) and time period(s): No, I have not.

Do you have experience with ULX/LUA? If yes, explain which and how much: I want to learn it, it seems interesting to me.

Do you have experience with mapping in Source games?: Sadly, I do not.

Do you have experience in working with playermodels in Garry's Mod? (animation, modeling, etc.): Like ULX, I want to learn it, I want to make some good playermodels

What can you bring to the staff team?: I can bring a staff member early in the morning when there are no staff or little staff on. I can take care of the mic spammers and chat spammers, I'll gag and mute when I need to but I'll understand and not be a tyrant with the privileges that come with being staff. I won't use them to mess with people or use them on people I don't like.

Why would you like to join the LB staff team?: I've been playing LB since June and I feel like if I play the server so much then I should try to help the server.

What separates you from other players?: I can be on when other staff aren't and I can maintain peace in the server when people decide to break rules or mic/chat spam.

Why should you be chosen for the position you are applying for and not someone else?: Because I can be on whenever, I just need to be asked when I need to be online.

How often can you be online?: 5 days a week, I spend my weekends with my family

Do you have a working microphone?: No, I do not.

Please state one reference (optional): AverageDrink is one of my references.
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I did personally suggest you become staff as i have seen you on for a long while as for your application could use some work but overall I'm deciding to +1 this you may be a good person but you do have a good amount of faults whether or not you get accepted relies on how you respond to the staff +1ing you or -1ing you aswell as your possible interview if this app does well.
Also, since I don't have a mic, In case I get interviewed, I cannot get teamspeak, seeing as it isn't available for mobile, I don't think, So I can call on discord, but not teamspeak.
But I am available on Skype and Discord, I can probably get other apps as well to communicate on. Teamspeak is 1.99 for mobile and I don't have that at the moment. Lmao.


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First, +1 app is good and you are a great player.
Second, if you get to the interview stage, I will buy the app for you. $2 is not that big of a crack in the rest of my budget. We'll see how it goes, let me know.

[LB] Snyper Eyes

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Yes, I downloaded it but I do not have a mic for my Computer, so I do not have a way to communicate using it, other than typing. I'm getting a mic for Christmas.
Ok makes sense then
I wouldn't worry about the mic issue as of yet TBH you should just make sure everything goes well here first... when it comes to setting up the interview and a mic issue then you can talk about it with @Sir Badgerlock II or @SaraBear
Whoever does the interview