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Hello to the Last Bastion Gaming Community,

As some of you may know a large amount of people have joined this community, and those people came from the Aurora Entertainment Community. On behalf of everyone from Aurora, we would like to say hello and thank you for letting us join this community.

We are also glad to announce that we have finished making our TTT and PropHunt server and they're open to the public. For now we have added everything we wanted done but also will be adding even more things as time goes by. We encourage everyone to come and try out our servers and get your friends to play too. All are welcome and we hope you have a great time.

If you have any question or see any bugs on the server please let us know. I will leave information of some of the people you can contact or even post right here on the forums!

PH Director : Cobalt Karma -
PH HeadAdmin : QueenM. -

TTT Director : Cats -
TTT HeadAdmin : One Bar -

PropHunt Server IP :
TTT Server IP :

Best Regards,


PropHunt HeadAdmin

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