Rank Changes


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SCP Staff
There are going to be some changes regarding ranks.

This new rule is that an exam must be taken and passed during the allotted times to be able to get a promotion to the ranks of: LCPL, SFC, 2ndLT, CPT, and BCO. These exams will ONLY be given during the times set by a MCO+.

All current officers, including Commanders, must see the Grand Admiral so as to be tested and receive their commission before being promoted to their rank.

There will be a schedule posted on the steam group showing which testing will be done on each day.

Level requirements will be assigned to the ranks as follows: 5 - LCPL, 7 - SFC, 10 - 2ndLT, 12 - CPT, and 15 - BCO

If you have any questions, please contact the staff team to get them answered.


Honorary Head of Operations
Why are there so many rank related changes going on right now?
To put it simply, the server is making efforts to become more organized and meaningful in a sense. Where NCOs have authority and value, rather than just the officers.


Dank Meme Lord
I'm sorry, I know I have no right to complain here anymore, as I am no longer a member of the community. But if I wanted to take exams I would just go to school instead of here. I can get the argument here, and I do kinda support it, but honestly, it's a GMOD Starwarsrp, not the military.