Removing Rule 13.

Rule 13.

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Righto, firstly just wanna say that we're all playing a mature game here so not really sure what the big deal is about swearing/cursing, however I do understand that some players are most likely below the age required to play and cursing/swearing is a bad influence but common now. Most of us probably swear like crazy when we're just talking to each other on the mic or on ts and that develops a habit of just swearing in a normal conversation, which makes it kind of annoying when you're just talking normally and bam, you get warned. Personally I think it should just be more of a light guideline and something to be kept to a minimal try if it is that big of a deal but shouldn't be a warn-able offence unless someone is just insulting another player.

tl:dr(cba to read) don't warn for swearing unless someone is just straight up insulting


That is what looc is for. You wanna cuss, blabber like a pirate to your friends that are close to you in looc.


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Rule 13 is in place to create a serious atmosphere. If you look at serious RP servers that allow cursing, it is a mess. This helps maintain RP, and also stops feuds between players. (We don't care about being a "bad influence" on little kids)
Yea, without Rule 13, there would just be swearing all over the place without reason. And as stated above thats what LOOC is for.
I feel that the rule should be removed tbh and replaced with a more competent one. Maybe a rule where cursing is allowed in OOC as long as it's not directed at anyone. Thing is cursing really makes a point and it emphasizes a individuals statement meaning that they are more serious or something and it's hard to do that without cursing sometimes, maybe it's just me because I do curse a lot and all of my warnings are Rule 13. I see other peoples points though but I feel it could be countered with that rule I listed due to Imperium's issue being that it stops feuds between players but I would like to be informed on how it maintains RP since I really didn't understand that part of his point, sorry if i'm dumb. Also lilneel's issue with it could also be fixed with this said rule but I cannot really challenge the spam of F bombs but I feel like people in this server are mature enough for that and it wont be much of a spam really. TLDR: Replace the rule with a rule saying that its allowed as long as it's not directed at anyone. (To the people I mentioned in this post PLEASE don't take this as a insult as i'm just trying to put up something against your points and maybe improve the rule.) (Another thought: To stop people from getting offended maybe restrict saying words for brain problems like autism and down syndrome for a descriptive word and or a insult.)EDIT:I said diseases like autism and down syndrome like a idiot. Im sorry.
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