Royal Guard

If you have any free time or something Royal Guard have cool models and a cool purpose really and they protect Sheev Palpatine from any dangers. It could be a 5th Fleet branch or something or just an event character really.
Eh, he had a few good troops, but at the end of his command he was just really good at mass recruiting autists lmao
We haven't had a good amount of 5th or shock for a long time period. We have had some good Cos (Porto bunny assasian) but the regular troopers in these battalions have never stayed long, it's defenetly not for everyone.
And also, this idea does sound cool but we already have the admirals guard, and if we did this it would be a higher up copy of them right? I'm going to give this idea a big +1, so long as it is different from the admirals guard. The spear things would be pretty cool.