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    Please use this template in order to submit an appeal for a punishment you received on our SCP Breach server.

    In order to create a punishment appeal, create a new topic in this board with the topic title "<Punishment Type> Appeal - <Your name>", fill out the template below, and post the thread.

    If your appeal is deemed valid, your punishment will be removed. If it is deemed invalid, your punishment will remain.

    Make sure to fill out every section thoroughly and give us as much information as possible.


    Your ingame name:

    Your SteamID:

    Staff member that punished you:

    Type of punishment that you have received (warn, ban, etc.):

    The reason for your punishment given by the staff member that punished you:

    Describe the situation that led to you being punished:

    Why do you believe that this punishment is invalid?:

    Any screenshots/relevant logs/information that will help us deal with this situation:

    Any other comments you could give us regarding the situation:
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