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Member Name Genera1Osama

IGN : NiggerFaggot

Steam ID : STEAMID_00:killmeplease

Age : 21

Total Playtime On Server : 6666921hahaahahhaa

Have you ever been kicked/warned/banned? If yes, explain in detail : Idk have you ever lost your virginity

Do you have any experience being staff on GMOD? If yes state what server, positions and time periods : Idk do u have any experience being normal

Do you have experience with ULX/LUA? If yes explain which and how much : Idk do u have any expeirence in bed

Do you have experience with mapping in Source games? : Nope

Do you have experience in working with playermodels in Garry's Mod? (animation, modeling, etc.): Nope

What can you bring to the Staff team? : Nothing

Why would you like to join the LB staff team? : Idk

What separates you from other players? : Nothing

Why should you be chosen for the position you are applying for and not someone else? : Autism

How often can you be online? : Autism

Do your have a working microphone? : Yes

Do you have a smartphone? : Yes

Please state one reference (optional) : Church
Not open for further replies.