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IGN : 41st PVT 8383 Slimey

Steam ID : STEAM_1:0:125817274

Hours played on server : A few hours by the time this is posted

Have you ever been kicked/warned/banned? If yes, explain in detail : No.

Do you have any experience being staff on GMOD? If yes state what server,positions and time period : If yes state what server, positions and time period: Yes, throughout my entire time of being Staff on GMod servers, I have been a Gamemaster/Event Manager. I have staffed on the servers Last Bastion Gaming RP twice (once about a 3 months after joining, and the other after going on leave for a month or two), Serenity Networks, and Invictus Gaming

Do you have experience with ULX commands? : Yes, I have plenty of experience using ULX commands to run events, manage the server alongside the other staff, and just use the ULX permissions granted to me to the best of my abilities.

What can you bring to the Staff team? : I can write up events, and run them solo with little to no hiccups, and when working with other staff, can always bring an enjoyable event to the players, and have always tried my best to provide the best experience.

Why would you like to join the LB staff team? : I would like to join the staff team because, although I do enjoy playing with others in events, I especially enjoy creating them, and running them, and would also like to help manage the server (as in do Moderator duties) during Passive RP, and (if it's fine with other GMs and the staff) run Mini-Events, but less combat based ones, more RP-based events.

How often can you be online? : Currently, I am on Spring Break, and can be online everyday. However, once School starts back up, I will be able to spare only weekends as well as Fridays until my next break, which should be Summer Break.

What is your timezone? : PST (West North America)

Do you have a working microphone? : Yes

Do you have a smartphone? : Yes

Please state one reference (optional) : N/A