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To all Staff Members.
This is going to be the post where staff members are able to comment below and ask for ranks on the forums. Yes I know there are changelogs for each server but its kinda hard for me to check them everyday. With this method I am able to get the message right away and won't have people poking me everyday asking for it. To make this simple and easy if someone on the forums needs ranks you can just use the format below and post it as a comment. When I have finished doing it I will either delete it or hide it. You can also comment somebody else's rank change, if they aren't sure how to do it or if you believe it'll be easier/quicker to do so.

Format for getting Ranks :

Name on the forums :


Server :

Rank :


Name on the forums : Frank

IGN : [LB] Frankers

Server : CWRP / SCP Breach / PropHunt

Rank : User - operator / operator - Moderator etc.

Once you have commented with the format you will get your ranks as soon as possible.
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