Denied Suggestion - Cargo Area/939

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Your ingame name: [LB] Kaneka

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:104613553

Name of your suggestion: How to use the cargo room so that it could be more important

Type of your suggestion (gameplay change, new SCP, etc.): Gameplay Change (??)

Description of your suggestion: I was thinking that if you guys are planning to add in non-playable 939's anytime soon, then i could give you some ideas as how you could use them, one of which being that you could add in Rare/ Extremely good items into the cargo room ( which is where the 939's spawn in the actual game ), so that there is an actual reason to go down there

How will your suggestion benefit the server?: It will make the cargo room an area that people will want to go to often to get items and weapons, but will make people take a risk when they want to do so

Resources required to make this suggestion possible: well the 939's, Weapons, and maybe a few high lvl keycards

Any other comments you could give us regarding this suggestion: N/A

Highest keycard possible to acquire down there should be at least level 3 if you're going to add as many 939's there as there would be in the game (3 + the real person 939). Ammo boxes for the gun that spawns down there and nightvision would be great too.

Please darken that room. It's meant to scare the absolute SHIT out of you if you run into 939.

+1 because this:


(Skip to 6:18)
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If I am thinking about the right place/room after watching that clip...they do spawn a gun in there and sometimes randomly a lvl 4 keycard can spawn in there
This idea was already chosen and implemented into the game, not sure why you made this. Not to mention it spawns occasionally a Keycard Level 4 and an SMG.
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