Pending Suggestion - Roaming SCP-096

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Pizzy, Jun 18, 2017 at 10:15 PM.

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    Your ingame name: Pizzy (Former Chicken)

    Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:89997462

    Name of your suggestion: Roaming 096

    Type of your suggestion (gameplay change, new SCP, etc.): SCP/bot change

    Description of your suggestion: The 096 bot will spawn at set locations in the map. Which one he appears at is randomized. The locations would be put at different locations to make some paths more difficult. (Example: In front of the melon room) Once he has spawned at that location he won't move anywhere else, except when the round ends.

    How will your suggestion benefit the server?: It will make the gamemode more complex and fun. This will encourage teamwork between people to warn others of danger. It also makes use of a usually non-used SCP bot. Plus any update strengthens the community.

    Resources required to make this suggestion possible: Coding to place an bot at different locations.

    Any other comments you could give us regarding this suggestion: The original suggestions was on the f10 list by BawbRaws. I just put it here because I thought the idea was good. Give the points to him if this is accepted.
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    This thread will be locked, and will be moved to denied.
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    We're actually going to implement this in the future, so keeping it open until we do so.